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My favourite Hungarian photographers; Kedvenc magyar fotósok

Hungarian photojournalist. Winner of World Press Photo Award - Gold Medal in 1975 and 1978, he'd been shooting for MTI many decades all around the world including Vietnam, Kambodia, China, Russia, America and Cuba, and covered the struggling life of people in the Hungarian industrial town Ózd for years. Nowadays he is teaching in various Hungarian universities. His latest work include photos of everyday life in Budapest, and the annual Sziget Festival. His latest photo book about twins is on the way.


He uses a Nikon and a 35 mm panoramic camera.

DULOVITS Jenő (1903-1972)
Originally a school teacher, he is the inventor of the Duflex camera (Dulovits reflex) and Duto lenses (from the inventors' names Dulovits and Tóth) and had some industrial patents. He was well known throughout Europe for his artistic style called Gegenlicht or backlight photography. His books on practical photography (Művészi fényképezés; Így fényképezek - magyarul; Lichtkontraste und ihre Überwindung; Meine Technik - meine Bilder - in German;) were very successful in the 1930-50s.

He is nearly unknown today, except in photo schools and among classic camera collectors, but his inventions were far ahead of his time. FEJÉR Zoltán, a Hungarian photo history researcher wrote several books on him and about his photography.

He used a Contax camera - his favourite besides the Duflex.
More on the Duflex here in English.

PALATIN Gergely (1851-1927)
A Benedictine monk and teacher of Pannonhalma (Győrszentmárton), Hungary. He had an artistic view besides technical exellence, photographing the life of monks in Pannonhalma and the villagers in the heighborhood, and took many shots of the monastery with his 18x24 cm view camera. His photographs have very strong composition and meaning.

In 1884 he reassembled and finished the optical screenmaker (divider) machine of physicist JEDLIK Ányos (original inventor of the dynamo, ten years before Siemens; also a Benedictine monk).
He also made a rainstorm-forecast device in 1901, that sensed the electronic waves coming from the discharges in the atmosphere.

His camera can be seen here.
More on the teaching of scienses in Benedictine schools here.

GÁRDI Balázs
A fully professional Hungarian photojournalist. He is “documenting the everyday life of marginalized communities.” Winner of World Press Photo Award, 2008.

He uses most likely a Leica and a panoramic camera, shooting film.

Unbelievable compositions. He's a real classic. He used to shoot film with a Nikon and only a 28-85 zoom lens; he recently bought a Canon EOS 5D.

Nikon shooter. Maker of absolutely fine pictures in a journalistic style. His guide book with co-author journalist KALMÁR György on India is beautiful.

SZÉKELY Zsuzsa (Suzanne SZÁSZ)
Hungarian-born American photographer. Her famous photographs of children and families were published in Life, Woman's Home Company, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine and so on.

Here is a NY Times article about her.
Her books are listed here.

She was using a Minolta SR-T.




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