2011. január 12., szerda

Exhib. of Martin Munkácsi in Budapest (Hungary)

There was a HUGE amount of pictures (actually too much) on exhibition by the Hungarian-born photographer Martin Munkácsi. But most of them were beautiful. I saw only very few of his work in magazines before, so that was very exciting to see most of his famous photos in the MUPA (Palace of the Arts, Bp.). Some breathtaking portraits and fine art reportage.*

With my photography-loving friends we constantly wondered how he could make all those action shots in the late afternoons in the streets with his view camera and slow-speed films (12-25 ASA, maybe 50?). No idea. No sign of flash...

* By fine art reportage I mean the pictures of Andy Piper in his online magazine ColoradoSeen, and the works of multiple-World-Press-Photo-Award winners Imre BENKŐ and Balázs GÁRDI and what many others did in the past for the NatGeo. I really miss that unique vision and thoroughness and beauty and the touch of their pictures they made long ago.